A Lull "Some Love" Music Video

Directed this music video for Chicago's A Lull in 2008. Release on Mush Records.

Music video for "Some Love" by A Lull. Directed by Anthony Ciannamea.
From the album Confetti on Mush Records. mushrecords.com. Produced by Scenic (scenicstudio.tv). Written by Todd Miller & A Lull.
Editor: Anthony Ciannamea.
Director of Photography: Mark Wisniowski.
Art Director: Ryan Sievert.
Cameramen: Brett Carlson / Ryan Sievert / Mark Wisniowski.
Programming/Live Visual FX: Anthony Ciannamea.
Production Assistant/Grip: Bill Connors.
Production Stills: Bill Connors.
Couple #1: Rachel Archbold & Jordan Jacobson.
Couple #2: Kelly Spence & Patrick DeWitte.
Fifth Wheel: Ernie Hasselbring.
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